5G Competence Center of Tuscany Region

The aim of the project is to offer a physical space and the needed skills to develop proposals based on emerging technologies to promote digital transformations in the manufacturing sector by transferring the acquired innovation technology knowledge.


The Tuscany Region has defined, in collaboration with FUB, a Competence Center related to 5G and innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, with the aim of combining universities and research institutions skills with the needs of manufacturing companies of the Tuscany Region in order to permit to improve their market positioning and in general to benefit from digital transformations.


The scope of the Competence Center is to promote and develop projects able to introduce innovative process in manufacturing districts due to their well-known strategic role in the regional territory. The projects implementation and their effective impact on the territory will mainly be based on an efficient technology transfer among the research community and companies world by considering emerging technologies such as 5G, AI and Blockchain.


The activities of the Competence Center can be distinguished as:


  • Center Coordination to manage and effectively convey research themes in all phases of the center’s activity;
  • Research Topics Consultation to identify which issues are more in accordance with the needs and requirements of the manufacturing companies of the area. This activity will be carried out by promoting a public consultation of the Tuscany Region (9 November 2020-18 December 2020);
  • Call for Proposals Selection to evaluate the projects proposals in line with manufacturing districts of the territory needs. Starting from the observations emerged during the public consultation, the Call will be defined the research themes of the projects and will indicate which applications are more corresponding to the manufacturing companies needs. More deeply, the Call will specify that the projects candidate to be financed will be “Prof of Concept” projects highlighting that no basic research projects will be funded. This is to emphasize the purpose of the initiative that’s is to promote technology transfer and the improve of the competitiveness in manufacturing districts of the Tuscany territory.
  • Projects Development to realize the selected projcets proposed by the main Tuscan Universities with the collaboration of at least one or more local companies. These projects will be carried out in the Competence Center laboratory with a continuous interaction among the world of the Research and the Industrial one;
  • Communications and Dissemination to promote an efficient technology transfer in the sector of manufacturing companies. For this scope several events will be planned to present the Competence Center and its main results achieved during the selected projects activities. This will serve to replicate the experience gained in the Competence Center throughout the Tuscany Region and be an example of Best Practices to meet the real manufacturing districts needs of the Tuscany territory.
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