Diagnostic Integrated Networks of Satellite and 5G

The project develops an end-to-end platform dedicated to Diagnostics for Railway Smart Predictive Maintenance by considering the integration of both 5G terrestrial communications and satellite communications.


DINoS5G wants to develop an end-to-end platform based on the integration of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) system and 5G terrestrial infrastructure, enabling communications for an advanced diagnostic service in railway environment.

For this aim the scope of the project is to provide communication interfaces to applications for maintenance services, monitoring the status of the railway infrastructure and guaranteeing the real-time surveillance and safe performance (Smart Maintenance).


Railways, metros and rapid transits carry billions of passengers and goods all over the world, every day. They are very different transportation systems with a fundamental need in common: to provide top-excellence services to their customers through reliable, and safe rail operations.  Scope of the project is to define an innovative railway maintenance system able to detect serious defects at a very early to guarantee efficient maintenance and traffic management.


The project wants to provide an innovative railway maintenance application based on predictive maintenance actions. The scope is to consider a cutting-edge technology to fix problems before they come to light. In other words, leveraging on enhanced capacity for railway infrastructure, it will be possible to obatin objective inspection and fast and accurate measurements by using an automated monitoring system. This solution will permit an increase the frequency of inspections thanks to reduction of measuring time.  In some cases, like in presence of high traffic rates and long tunnels, human inspections are just incompatible with traffic continuity, therefore the automated monitoring system is the only solution.


The DINoS5G main target is to develop a solution based on both 5G terrestrial communication infrastructure and satellite communications for smart and innovative maintenance management of railway infrastructures. Satellite access will be used to strengthen and improve resilience, availability and coverage of the connectivity services to support diagnostics, maintenance and management of Italian Railway infrastructure of RFI.  Data transferred from RFI peripheral systems through satellite and/or 5G RAN will be fed into 5G Core network, which   connects large-scale RFI central systems for diagnostic processing   and   smart maintenance planning and operations. Peripheral systems will appear to the network as Edge Nodes, that will select 5G RAN or SAT RAN, according to data-driven criteria and core network orchestration policies.  The DINoS5G real added value is: (a) integration of satellite network and terrestrial facilities in joint and complementary provision of maintenance services, activities and procedures to monitor the status of the railway infrastructure; (b) constant surveillance and safe performances.

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