IoT Search Engine For the Energy sector

Prototype of a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT) for the collecting, indexing, searching, processing and displaying information and data from IoT energy devices and applications.


Search Engines (Internet of Things Search Engine, IoTSE) collect and manage the data flows produced by IoT devices for detection and management aims. The project involves the creation of an IoTSE through the use of Information Retrieval and Machine Learning techniques for Big Data, in a distributed environment and in an energy scenario. The activity includes some use cases related to Vertical Energy.


The realization of an IoTSE search engine requires the integration of different technologies and methodologies from Big Data, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Data Science, Streaming Ingestion for indexing, retrieving and analyzing the data. The existing proprietary platforms are mainly proposed on Cloud, while an Open Source based development will allow a more vertical and personalized On Premises use solution.


An IoT search engine must search, collect, aggregate, synthesize, and finally display the data generated by the objects that are connected to a public or proprietary network. It must allow spatial and temporal traceability not only of the individual objects, but also of the data generated by the connected devices. To provide this information to a user who requests it, he must have the ability to resolve queries of increasing complexity on IoT data. The set of features necessary to offer these IoT search and data analysis services constitutes a search engine for the IoT. Furthermore, the data have the characteristic of being heterogeneous, geolocated and temporally distributed. The IoT engine will have to recover and process historical data series, classified by different types of devices (boards and sensors), geolocation, value scales, metadata and descriptive tags.

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