Market surveillance test methodologies

The project aims to provide support to MIMIT's DGTCSI in carrying out market surveillance activities to enable it to carry out tests on radio equipment and verify their compliance with legal requirements.

The project involves the study and experimentation of measurement methodologies for carrying out tests, following in-depth analysis of harmonised standards. The study and experimentation was carried out in both “conducted” and “radiated” modes, as described in the harmonised standards, with particular regard to the verification of compliance with the requirement of effective and efficient use of the radio spectrum (Art. 3.2 of the European Directive 2014/53/EU), in order to define test modes that can increase the efficiency of the process.

The study also covers the updating of the market surveillance laboratory’s measurement benches, with the identification of the latest equipment, instrumentation and components, and verification of the periodic calibration terms of all the equipment in question.


The project consists of the following activities:

  • study and analysis of the harmonised standards relating to the individual tests to be carried out;
  • identification of the types of equipment, instrumentation and components that can ensure the best efficiency of the verification process;
  • study and analysis of requirements for the design and construction of measuring benches;
  • analysis of specific measurement methodologies according to the indications contained in the reference standards;
  • execution of experimental tests.

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