Misura Internet

Monitoring of Fixed Broadband Quality of Service (QoS)

Implementation and deployment of Italian NRA Resolution 244/08/CSP, concerning the measurements of Internet fixed access service quality. Measurements refer to network performance both at the end user's home and at regional measurement points.


The project aims to provide end-users with a web interface that allows to compare the Internet fixed access service quality actually provided by operators at regional level. At the same time, the project offers to end users a free tool to individually certify the performance of their own fixed network access and obtain the contractual withdrawal without costs if obtained results are worst with respect to promised ones by operators.


The project is a part of the transparency measures implemented by Italian NRA in the field of supervision on net neutrality (EU Regulation 2120/2015). Indeed, thanks to MisuraInternet project consumers have:

  • a tool to certify the quality of their Internet access and to compare results with the declared and guaranteed values (Art.4 and Art. 5)
  • a portal to compare the network performances provided by all the Operators on the best-selling tariffs, in a transparent and reliable way (Art.4 and Art. 5).


This project carries out the quality evaluation of the access to fixed broadband. The background is represented by the Italian NRA Resolution n. 244/08/CSP, where Internet Service Providers are requested to provide the consumers with information and guarantees, such as the minimum upload and download speed that is a contractual commitment with the consumers.

MisuraInternet is the first project in Europe that provides end users with open source certified software that allows them to evaluate Broadband QoS with evidential value.

More than 300 probes spread out on the whole Italian territory, working 24 hours every day, assess the performances of each provider. The results, available to the consumers, represent the reference values to compare market offers.

Through the use of the Ne.Me.Sys software the consumers receive a certificate that guarantees the network performance of fixed connection ( In case of measurements reveals data not in compliance with the agreement, the certificate may be used to require the restauration of the minimum standards.

Through the use of the “Misura Internet Speedtest” software it is possible to assess the instantaneous measurement of the Internet fixed access service quality (

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