Postal sector observatory

The project, a natural continuation of the project launched in 2018 with Poste Italiane, aims to extend the analysis of the e-substitution to the entire postal market.


FUB aims to set up an observatory for the postal sector, producing an annual study that extends and updates what was achieved in 2018. (E-substitution nel mercato postale della corrispondenza – Italian version)


The most immediate operational impact of the project is to provide Poste italiane with data and information useful for the adoption of effective strategies in a fully reconfiguring market. From the point of view of the public decision maker, the most significant impact is to provide data and information to outline the most appropriate policies in the various segments of the public administration, above all through the study of web 3.0 scenarios (IA and blockchain) with a view to 5G.


Starting from an international benchmarking activity, the trend in the postal market as a whole, including the parcel sector, and the dynamics of substitution between postal and electronic communications (e-substitution) will be analyzed. An assessment will then be carried out on the potential of the post office network, with a view to overcoming the digital divide and access to e-government services for the weakest segments of Italian population, and to the social utility of the universal postal service, with regard to small and geographically isolated municipalities.

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