Design and development of the Emerging Technologies (CTE) web portal

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has entrusted Fondazione Ugo Bordoni with the design and development of the web portal of the Case delle Tecnologie emergenti (Emerging Technologies Houses, or CTE) for the monitoring and dissemination of the results of the Emerging Technology Support Programme and the activities of the individual Houses financed by the Ministry under the Development and Cohesion Plan referred to in CIPESS Resolution 9/2021 and subsequent CIPESS Resolution 9/2022.

The project involves the design and development of the Case delle Tecnologie emergenti (CTE) Web Portal. The Portal aims to communicate the activities and initiatives of the centres to the outside world in a uniform way, increasing visibility at national level, and also providing details about the projects carried out within the different Houses. The Portal, accessible directly through a top-level domain, will therefore be a single point of access to the project for existing CTEs and those that may be funded in the near future. The system will be designed with two macro sections. The first will describe the Ministry’s initiative concerning the establishment of Case delle Tecnologie emergenti, the state of the art and will be fed directly with content from MIMIT. In the second, the activities of the individual CTEs will be presented, highlighting the topics covered and their level of maturity. This section will be fed directly by the CTEs, which will be responsible for keeping it constantly updated by means of content management tools developed for this purpose. These operations to populate the Portal will be tracked for the purposes of attributing responsibility for the content disseminated through it.

2023 Activities

In order to achieve the project objectives, three activities are to be carried out: the design, development and maintenance of the CTE Portal. With regard to the design activity, the requirements of the Portal were defined during the first months of 2023. In particular, the general structure of the portal was defined, which will include two macro-sections: a general section describing the projects promoted by MIMIT and another dedicated to each CTE, where each awarded house will also be able to publish information content (e.g. news, achieved objectives, dissemination meetings, etc.). Portal functionalities were also defined, such as: user-friendly insertion, modification and eventual deletion of site content; the management and categorisation of different types of content, each with its own characteristics and attached files; execution of searches within the site content and back-end; the formatting of text and tables for data, the insertion of attachments, and multimedia elements; creation and management of new accounts for the publication of content, with the division of users into different roles and different organisations. The development work is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2023. On the other hand, maintenance activities will be of two types, routine maintenance and adaptive maintenance. Routine maintenance of the portal will cover all aspects of bug fixes, monitoring the status of the portal, and checking for any offline times and necessary re-commissioning. Adaptative maintenance, on the other hand, will cover all aspects of adaptation to agreed changes in requirements and/or the addition of new requirements such as the addition of new CTE spaces during the project.


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