Qualità CPS

The quality of public communication on Social Networks

Qualità CPS aims to measure the quality of the presence on social media by the institutions, updating and extending the Twitter Monitoring Platform of the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni by means of Sentiment Analysis and Information Retrieval techniques.


Qualità CPS intends

  • to carry out the monitoring of all the Italian institutional communication on Twitter
  • identify indicators, indices of interactivity with users and sentiments useful for establishing the quality of communication of the social accounts of PAs.
  • to monitor and quantify the volume of interactions with users and the quality of the institutional communication of the MiSE and of the other administrations.
  • To produce automatic and periodic reports about the results of the carried out analyses


Qualità CPS provides for the updating and the extension of the Monitoring Platform with the components of Data Analytics, Batch Visualization and Presentation of the Twitter Data and Results. It allows for automating the whole process of generation, processing, analysis, visualization of the data. Qualità CPS makes the analysis of the quality of social communication and, public administrations more particularly, available in near real time.


Qualità CPS provides

  • to re-engineer the entire batch component of the existing Monitoring Platform in order to adapt it to the technological advances that have been taking place in recent years;
  • to analyze the time series of the data collected to establish their trends and the actual volume of any flow;
  • to compare the current state of the quality of communication on MiSE’s social networks with similar data dating back to 2015. This will provide a useful indication of the communication strategies held by MiSE on Twitter in past years, and also analyze the drift on the social interests that have been taking place over the past 5 years,
  • to automate the outputs of the project through automatic periodic reports on the results of the data carried out analyses. The data and graphs presented in the analysis reports will thus be easily updated by means of special software scrpts which will be developed and integrated as new components of the platform. In other words, the data will be processed and aggregated in order to be transferred to a Data Analytics platform and in a format useful for creating documents in various formats (html for web pages, docx or pdf for reports) according to the report generation style of Markdown. This method of drafting reports and html pages allows modular and easy integration of code, data and commented text for the purpose of immediate use of the results for different recipients such as project participants, project clients or the public everything more generally, and possibly to have web pages ready for publication on institutional sites.
  • to generate a database containing both raw data and synthetic data aggregated during the analysis activities, that can be further used to compare with any future characterizations of MiSE’s institutional social communication.

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