Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni

This service protects the privacy of citizens and regulates the management of telemarketing.


The project implements and manages the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” (Public Objections Register), laid down by Presidential Decree n. 178/2010, as amended.

It seeks a fair balance between the needs of the individuals who no longer wish to receive unsolicited direct marketing calls and unwanted mail, and the telemarketing needs of companies, with a more organized and transparent service.


The reform of the legislation on telemarketing offers solid protection for citizens whose telephone number is listed in a public telephone directory but who no longer wish to receive unsolicited marketing. The establishment of the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” ushered in a change from an ‘opt in’ to an ‘opt-out’ system – making Italy compliant with EU Directive 2002/58/EC – which allows citizens to exercise their rights and imposes new obligations regarding disclosure and transparency on operators.


Article 20-bis of the Law no. 166/2009 and Presidential Decree no. 178/2010, supplemented by Presidential Decree no. 149/2918, introduced significant amendments to the law on the data protection of public telephone directories on the part of telemarketing operators. Under this new regulatory framework, all numbers available in public telephone directories could be contacted in order to convey advertising material, conduct direct sales, commercial communications or market research. Italian citizens could object to these calls by registering on a special list, called the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”. This was drawn up on 31 January 2011 to cover telephones and extended to postal addresses in 2019. Now, before launching a telephone advertising campaign, telemarketing operators are required to check with the Administrator whether contacts are or are not on the list of public telephone directories. The creation and management of the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” – a service both for subscribers and telemarketing operators – was assigned to the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy through a service agreement. Any citizen listed in a public telephone directory can join the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, update or revoke their inclusion, by selecting one of the following means: website, contact centre, telephone, fax, email or certified email. Telemarketing operators are legally obliged to register with the system and update the lists of the telephone numbers they intend to contact.

The system seeks to protect the privacy of citizens listed in public telephone directories and ensure that telemarketing companies comply with the rules. It is intended to raise awareness about the available tools and forms of protection.

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