Study and analysis of the development of new technologies in the context of Decree-Law no. 21/2012 “Golden Power” as amended.

FUB supports MIMIT in the evaluation of 5G network and service development plans submitted by electronic communication companies in compliance with DL 21/2012 as amended.

According to DL 21/2012, as amended, Division III of the DGTCSI-ISCTI of MIMIT examines the plans for the development of electronic communication networks and services based on 5G technology submitted by companies within the framework of the Golden Power regulation. The review also covers development plans with reference to further technologies relevant to cyber security, which may be identified by one or more decrees of the Prime Minister. In this context, the project is concerned with studying the relevant aspects underlying the evaluations required of Division III, with regard to the evolution of network architectures and the products and systems that are part of them, and the impact of network and product security on business investments and the development of new services. With a view to having all the necessary documentation available for evaluation activities, the project also aims to study, design and implement an IT platform to support notifications and evaluations of submitted plans. Moreover, the FUB supports Division III in the task of expressing its opinion with reference to company acquisitions or mergers and in all the cases referred to in Article 2 of DL 21/2012, if the object of the activities concerns critical technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, semiconductors, cybersecurity, nanotechnology and biotechnology, as referred to in Article 9 of Prime Ministerial Decree no. 179/2021. In this context, the project aims to constantly study the state of the art in order to keep Division III up-to-date on new technologies so that it can assess their criticality.