Support to the General Directorate for the Protection of Industrial Property – Italian Patent and Trademark Office

Specialised support for carrying out patent application and examination proceedings and activities relating to opposition proceedings for the registration of trade marks.

In the specific context of the patent and trade mark activities inherent in the Convention of reference, the Foundation provides support to the Dgtpi-Uibm, through a dedicated and highly specialised team, for the implementation of the activities included in the same Convention and listed below:


  1. Support for the examination of patent applications (checks prior to submission to the EPO for prior art search; checks after submission to the EPO for prior art search);
  2. Support for examination of applications for registration of trade marks and opposition to registration of trade marks;
  3. Enhancement of the Contact Centre and support for the information service dedicated to interested users, in particular SMEs;
  4. Support in the legal-administrative field related and functional to the previous activities A), B) and C);
  5. Specialised support related and functional to the activities referred to in the preceding paragraphs, including evolutionary maintenance of systems developed in previous years, aimed at combating counterfeiting;
  6. Coordination and management control of activities related to the implementation of the Convention.

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