Support for the drafting of the new regional law (former regional law 49/2011)

Support for the drafting of the new Regional Law on radio communication systems (former Regional Law 49/2011), depending on the introduction of 5G technology.

The Project envisages FUB's support to the Tuscany Region in the process of revising Regional Law No. 49/2011 on radio communication systems, identifying the methods for the optimal development of the 5G network in the territory.


The Project aims to support the Tuscany Region in defining regional policies for the development of the 5G network, also through the use of new software tools for strategic support.


The activity impacts on the revision of Regional Law No. 49/2011, which must contain the appropriate adjustments and modernisation of the provisions for Municipalities, in order to support the optimal development of the 5G mobile network in the region.


The Project is characterised as a support activity for the bodies of the Tuscany Region that are involved in the revision process of Regional Law no. 49/2011, which currently regulates radio communication systems with the goal of pursuing localisation criteria that minimise the risks of exposure to the electromagnetic fields they generate.


The new 5G technology envisages the configuration of mobile networks whose capacity to offer services will be differentiated according to the different contexts: for example, it will be possible to offer:

  • IT services characterised by a large data transfer capacity;
  • services characterised by a massive number of devices connected to the network (IoT);
  • services characterised by very low latency and high-reliability network connections, for the remote control of critical devices (industrial or otherwise, such as drones).


That being said, the proper development of the 5G network in the territory, an enabling factor for obtaining the socio-economic benefits envisaged both by the European Commission and by international reports, such as those of the World Economic Forum, can be achieved by monitoring and addressing the way in which the quality of service generated by 5G systems intersects with the needs of the territory, also expressed as urban planning. With this in mind, the work of the FUB involves the design of an IT system that can support the Municipalities and the Region, thus simplifying the authorisation management of systems, as well as in relation to the application of localisation criteria, and that can monitor the developments of the 5G network in terms of the service capacities offered.
In order to achieve this goal, the FUB also supports the Tuscany Region in the promotion of the 5G network coverage assessment logic towards the Municipalities.

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