Development of new simulation methodologies, service quality assessment and planning of new generation networks for Tuscan municipalities

The Tuscany Region signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ugo Bordoni Foundation aiming to identify specific topics and initiatives useful to promote the development of next-generation networks through the Ugo Bordoni Foundation's scientific and research collaboration and its methodological and scientific expertise.

In particular, the collaboration between the Tuscany Region and the Ugo Bordoni Foundation will concern:


  1. The promotion of collaborative initiatives for the adaptation of Regional Law no. 49/2011, with a view to fostering the deployment of the new 5G networks and making their development effective for the implementation of innovative services in the territory of the Tuscany Region;
  2. The definition and implementation of processes to optimise 5G coverage in the Tuscan territory, in synergy with regulatory review processes;
  3. The deployment of next-generation network-based projects in Tuscany;
  4. Support to the territory – also through the promotion of guidelines and initiatives to support municipalities and other entities involved in the authorisation and implementation processes – for the proper planning and promotion of 5G technology;
  5. Training initiatives for the Tuscan PA and testing of software tools to support the Tuscany Region and its municipalities in managing network planning processes and in monitoring the quality of next-generation networks and services;
  6. Scouting for possible areas of action in the context of next-generation telecommunications networks, also making use of the FUB observatory at national level and observing the good practices undertaken by other regions.