Anti-counterfeiting technologies analysis

The project deals with the creation and management of an information system for the submission of the specific anti-counterfeiting products offered on the market and of a site-showcase with the presentation of the anti-counterfeiting technologies.


The project aims to create and implement a system for the submission of information on anti-counterfeiting products by manufacturers and offer an information service to companies on possible applications of anti-counterfeiting technologies.


The online service for the presentation of anti-counterfeiting technologies to companies – based on the collection and categorization of technologies – will facilitate the understanding of the fields of application and the limits of use of the various available technologies.

For each technology the main technical characteristics and the sectors of use will be reported, so that companies can obtain information about the technology that best suits their needs.


Specifically, project activities can be described as follows.


Implementation of technological infrastructure

The aim of this activity is to complete the Anti-Counterfeiting Guidance Service of the Dglc-Uibm by making public the submission form of anti-counterfeiting products, realized in the Uibm-ATA project. To this end, it is envisaged that FUB, as a temporary solution in the near future, will make the WEB application operative on its own systems, with redirection from the website of the Dglc-Uibm.

In a subsequent phase it is then planned to adapt the WEB application to the IT management policies of the Mise, after which FUB will operate the migration of the WEB form and the relative database containing the submissions received during the period of operation of the temporary solution, on the Dglc-Uibm systems.


System management and maintenance

The purpose of the activity is to support the Dglc-Uibm in the management of the product submission process by companies producing anti-counterfeiting technologies, starting with the deployment of the temporary solution.

It is also planned to periodically update the online anti-counterfeiting technologies on the website of the Dglc-Uibm, on the basis of any innovative technologies emerging in the planned monitoring activities.


Support for international activity

FUB will provide support to the Dglc-Uibm in the participation of the international working group Expert Group on Anti-counterfeiting Technologies of the European Observatory on Intellectual Property of EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) which deals with the creation, at a European level, of a service information on anti-counterfeiting technologies that is expected to have similar characteristics to the service of the Dglc-Uibm.

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