Conferenze internazionali

Papa F.
Tgovernment services: projects promoted by Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
World e-government Forum, Paris, 1-3 november 2006
Celidonio, M., Di Zenobio, D., Mancini, E., Pulcini, L.
WiMAX: technology and frequencies allocation strategies for a common framework proposal
Atti di CITSA 2006, Orlando, USA
Celidonio, M., Nicolai, G.
Broadband Services and Applications through Integrated Wireless Networks
Atti di CITSA 2006, Orlando, USA
Carpineto C., Della Pietra A., Mizzaro S., Romano G.
Mobile Clustering Engine
ECIR 2006
Amati G.
Frequentist and Bayesian Approach to Information Retrieval
ECIR 2006
Cornacchia M., Livi S.
Measuring User Acceptance in the ePerSpace - The Theory of planned behaviour applied to define an expanded model for the home environment
Report D1.3 of IST Project N.506775, London, 2006
Carpineto C., Romano G., Caracciolo C.
Information Theoretic Retrieval with Structured Queries and Documents
INEX 2006
Amati G.
Information Theoretic Approach to Information Extraction
FQAS 2006
Capodiferro L., Di Claudio E., Jacovitti G.
Short Reference Image Quality Rating Based on Angular Edge Coherence
Proceedings 14th European Signl Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2006, Florence, Italy
Capodiferro L., Laurenti A., Rava P., Jacovitti G.
Salient Points Detection of Human Faces by a Circular Symmetry Index Based on Fisher’s Information
Third COST275 Workshop Biometrics on the Internet, Hatfield, UK, October 27-28 2005