Italians are among the most enthusiastic users of mobile communications, while Italian regulations on exposure to electromagnetic fields are among the most restrictive in the world and their respect is continuously monitored and verified.

For a long time, Italy has been considered a centre of excellence at international level for the national monitoring network of electromagnetic fields.  The FUB has had a leading role in this, building the largest  electromagnetic monitoring network, which is recognized as a “best practice” on an international level.

A constant, structured and well organized monitoring service – unbeatable in dimensions and coverage –makes it, even today,the largest Italian network ever created for the monitoring of physical agents.

Since the growing use of fourth generation and wireless mobile networks is of utmost importance, the evaluation of their electromagnetic impact is once again going to become a major concern.

Considering its expertise, FUB intends to contribute to update, renew and enhance the research in this field, and to stimulate new evaluations in order to combine health protection and development of new networks.

In order to consolidate  its active role in the national debate on these issues, FUB is part of the Elettra 2000 Consortium, whose mission is to update the methods to assess the environmental and social impact of electromagnetic fields.

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