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Computerized management of fees payable by broadcasters.
Ministry of Economic Development

The procedure is the first element of a web platform for the complete computerization of the administrative and accounting procedures managed by Div IV and Div V of DGSCERP (General Directorate for electronic communication, radio and postal services).


The project is included in the digitalization process of institutional services and more generally within the framework of the activities planned for the digitization of P.A. The platform released by FUB is also compatible with the management of electronic payments to the Public Administration.


Under the provisions of the current regulations companies generally authorized for the TV network operator activities are held to the annual payment of three types of tax:

  1. administrative charges;
  2. fees for the use of the radio frequencies for radio link connections. Payment is due for each one-way connection and depends on the bandwidth and the range of frequencies used;
  3. fees for the use of frequencies.

The definition of user requirements and process flows was derived directly from the specific requirements of the DGSCERP DIV IV and V.

On the basis of the technical characteristics of the identified processes, the IT support system to process management allows:

  1. the management of Company master data;
  2. the automatic calculation of the amount due in relation to the administrative charges, the radio links and the use of the frequencies on the basis of the allocated use rights;
  3. the automatic generation of the letters to be sent to the Companies by the amount of the indebtedness;
  4. the recording of amounts paid by Companies.

The system, complete with user identification mechanisms, support the staff of the Ministry in the payment processing with the functionality of the database management (data entry, update the fields, sort, search, etc ...), it allows log management, export data for the amount due for each type of contribution and registered payments for each year and report generation.