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Activities on Radio Spectrum in International Bodies

Spectrum management is ruled at different levels: on a global scale the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) provides the Radio Regulations; at European level, the European Commission issues binding measures for Member States, while the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) lays down the conditions for the harmonised use of spectrum; specific measures can also be adopted on a national scale.

The enhancement of policies for spectrum use, which aim at the efficient and flexible use of radio frequencies, requires the development of technical and regulatory tools.

FUB actively participates and contributes to the work of international bodies and thus represents a recognised heritage of which the Italian Directors relies consistently and profitably for the development, promotion and implementation of national strategies for the frequencies. FUB role is also expressed through the coordination of specific activities.

More generally FUB areas of work include:

  1. study and analysis of the solutions for minimizing interference between different services;

  2. definition of the technical conditions for the use of spectrum by new entrant systems;

  3. study of the potential and critical issues of the shared access to spectrum;

  4. theoretical and experimental characterisation of millimeter waves for next-generation wireless systems.

FUB also carries out experiments, in collaboration with national and European research institutions and Accademia. The experiments involve cutting-edge topics, such as the development of 5G systems, and are also conducted with the support of industrial partners.