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Exposure to electromagnetic fields and efficient use of radio spectrum

FUB has been working on exposure to electromagnetic fields since many years.

The most significant experience is represented by National Plan for continuous electromagnetic field monitoring, which FUB has coordinated from 2002 to 2007 on behalf of the former Ministry of Communications. The operational phase of the project was carried out together with the Regional and Provincial Agencies for Environmental Protection (ARPA / APPA).

The extensive information and dissemination activities towards the public in the field of electromagnetism initiated with the monitoring network project is still being carried out. In particular, with regard to the transfer of scientific information to the public, the Foundation collaborates with the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation and the University of Bologna, within Elettra2000, the consortium they have agreed.

The technologies based on the use of electromagnetic fields are amogn the main drivers for the industrial development of the country. Therefore a continuous attention to the issue of the possibile impact of electromagnetic fields onto the environment, health and society is required.

In this respect, electromagnetic field exposure is approached from numerous angles. Among them, the continuous analysis of national and international regulatory framework is particularly relevant. In Italy, in fact, a more restrictive approach than in most other countries has been adopted, which is difficult riallinto realign with measures derived from the most updated scientific knowledge on the possible exposure effect. It is therefore necessary to identify and possibly prevent the difficulties to the spread of wireless networks that may arise from the national regulatory framework.

FUB is also devoted to research activities on possible health effects of exposure and related dosimetric methods. Research is carried out in cooperation with institutional and scientific bodies.