Doriana Guiducci


Graduated with honours in Telecommunications Engineering in 1999 at the University of Bologna where she also received in 2003 her Ph.D in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering.

She joined FUB in 2003 as a researcher and in 2012 she became Head of the Competence Centre on ICT Policies. Over years she’s been involved in many activities performed mainly under the commitment of the Italian Administration, including the migration to digital TV and the management of possible interference on TV reception from LTE networks at 800 MHz. She has coordinated the Italian pilot on the shared use of spectrum in the 2.3-2.4 GHz band, based on the Licensed Shared Access, realised by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in partnership with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and several telco industries.

She’s an acknowledged spectrum expert and has been involved for years in ITU and CEPT activities. Since January 2017 she serves as vice-chairman of the ECC PT1 group on IMT matters.