Giuseppe Russo

Giuseppe Russo photo


Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Since 1989 he has carried out research activity in FUB on architectures and video coding of advanced broadcast and inter-personal video communication systems. He was active in ITU-T and ISO (JPEG, MPEG). Later he dealt with issues related to Quality of Service.

For some years, on behalf of the ISCTI of the Ministry of Communications, he directed the Tetra MoU Association defining the TETRA mobile radio system interoperability. He coordinated and contributed to various projects for the Ministry of Communications. He currently works on projects for the Ministry of Economic Development; particularly for the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, and he is involved in the management of the "Operators" area of the Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni (Robinson List).

In FUB he currently belongs to the Competence Centre on Transport of Information. He is author of several scientific and technical papers.