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Radio Spectrum

Radio frequencies are the basic elements of radio spectrum, and they constitute the fundamental asset for radio communications. This natural resource asks to be managed in an harmonized, coordinated and efficient way, in order to properly correspond to the overwhelming growth of spectrum needs rising from both present and envisaged services and applications. Therefore, a rational radio spectrum management stands as one of the main priorities both in the national Digital Agenda as well as in the European Single Market Strategy.

The public attribute of radio spectrum casts its management under the public administration domain and specifically of three Divisions within the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), namely DGPGSR, DGSCERP and DGAT; moreover, radio spectrum appears also as a scarce natural resource, thus requiring transparent and efficient operations. To this end, Fondazione Bordoni, and specifically its Spectrum Area, offers to MISE its technical support in order to underpin with its own scientific knowledge, regulatory insights, technical tools, and operational skills, so as to facilitate the fair and efficient spectrum usage. The recent 2018 Budget Law (Legge 205/2017) provides a five-year funding allocation (2018-2022) for these support activities during all of the transition phases to 5G, for the rational organization of the involved frequency bands, the re-assignment/re-allocation procedures among different services or stakeholders, as well as for the coordination management of the coexistence among the different services and stakeholders, both in the same or in the adjacent bands.


For all of these activities, it is mandatory, and thus pursued, the participation and coordination both in the technical European context (CEPT), for the harmonization with the other Member States, and in the international TLC framework (ITU), and of course avoiding to disregard the specific callings of the NRA, in order to envision the future trends and promote those improvements expected to be proactive for the economic development of Italy.


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