Sebastiano Trigila

Foto trigila

His entire career has evolved within FUB, since his Engineering Degree from Sapienza University of Rome (1980).

Currently with the Directorate of General Affairs and Compliance, he is in charge of promoting FUB participation in EU-funded projects. Vice-President of HD Forum Italy. Staff of the Directorate of Research, from 2007 to 2017. Project manager of FP7/Domino, IRMA ERDF 2006-13 of the Latium Region, Horizon 2020 OCTAVE. Coordinated a monitoring campaign of energy consumed by 4G operators (2013-2017). Formerly head of national project “Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television” and supervisor of five experimental projects on interactive DTT (2002-06).

His earlier research (1981-2002) focused on communication protocols and related ETSI, ISO and ITU-T standards. Head of Communications Software Technology group. Project manager for projects RACE Cassiopeia and ACTS Dolmen. Technical leader for ACTS/Vesper.

Author of more than one hundred publications. Tutor for various doctoral theses. Lecturer at seminars and specialised courses, both Italian and European.